Real Estate Development

Transforming North America's Real Estate Landscape

As the real estate development division of the G&S Group of Companies, Greatwise Developments focuses on both residential developments, commercial developments, and re-developments of our own and joint venture properties in major Ontario centres such as Toronto and Ottawa.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability

We understand the importance of caring for the environment. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have voluntarily embraced practices that prioritize low-impact building and enhanced building envelope construction. By going above and beyond government standards, we actively contribute to reducing our ecological footprint.

Our core services

Delivering Unmatched Expertise and a Diverse Array of Comprehensive Core Services to Fulfill Your Real Estate Requirements

Property acquisition

We constantly analyze and recommend the acquisition of properties with development and re-development potential, both for our joint-venture partnerships and within our own portfolio. Our property acquisition services include highest and best land use analysis and recommendation, management and financial approval feasibility consulting and financing arrangements.

Density intensification and municipal approval

We’ve earned a reputation for successfully securing municipal approvals to increase density on both new and previously-developed parcels of land, then redeveloping existing and new building components simultaneously to minimize costs and maximize income potential for our partners.

Project Management

Our comprehensive Project Management Service covers all stages of development for both our own and our joint-venture projects including land acquisition, financial pro-forma analysis, financing arrangements, project approval, concept design, consulting team coordination, marketing, sales, legal, construction management, building occupancy and registration, and property management. The goal: to deliver projects on-time, on or under-budget and to the highest standards—every time.

Joint ventures

Our Integrated Real Estate Model allows us to manage a wide range of joint venture requirements including property acquisition, density intensification, municipal approval and project management services.

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